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KunstRAUM (art room) Obervellach – a space full of inspiration

“Without creativity no art, without art no culture, without culture no social development.” This may sound a bit exaggerated, but that’s the way it is. Where art and culture have no room, society cannot develop positively, as has been shown by many centuries of history. To prevent this from happening in the region Obervellach-Reisseck the KunstRAUM Obervellach was created. A space for creative people, those who want to become ones and all those who are interested in the regional cultural scene.


Gallery and art room in the mountains

The Hohe Tauern is an inspiring region. Looking out into the great nature brings about good ideas and opens your mind. In the KunstRAUM Obervellach, artistic people find a space to let their inspiration run free and present their works to a large audience. Thanks to the solidarity between all the members and the cooperation between artists, the KunstRAUM becomes a true oasis of inspiration and is definitely worth a visit.

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What you can expect in the

KunstRAUM Obervellach
  • Exhibitions& readings

  • Concerts & workshops

  • Painting workshop and art school for children

  • Cabaret & performances

  • Seminars & creative days

  • A shop with regional art to take back home

Are you interested in arts and culture and want to watch artistic personalities from the region at work?

Then the KunstRAUM Obervellach is the top address for you.

Förderverein KunstRAUM Obervellach
Hauptplatz 15
9821 Obervellach