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The pure winter sports experience off the slopes

No question, you’re not just any winter sports fan, when talking about skiing you know exactly how the land lies. You’re not looking for flat, wide slopes to “cruise” on, you are in search of real, pure adventure. For you, nothing compares to a downhill run in open terrain through wonderful powder snow. And when you then have even scaled the summit under your own steam, your day in the wintry mountains is perfect reaching its climax on a downhill run through pristine deep powder snow.

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Always with an eye to safety

“Wow, what a day, it’s been snowing at night and now the sun shines from an immaculately blue sky.


So no time to lose, let’s get up that mountain and hit the powder, a wonderful day of freeriding is waiting for us …!” But before becoming all too euphoric now, of course we’ll check the avalanche warning report and find out the exact situation in the ski areas.

Our safety equipment consisting of an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe works perfectly. We know this because we check it before each tour and make sure it works properly, just as we always update our knowledge and skills. We are true freeriders, after all, and never leave our safety to chance.

Ski touring - up to the highest peaks under your own steam

The National Park-Region Hohe Tauern in Carinthia is called the largest ski touring terrain in the Eastern Alps, and rightly so.

What is strung together here is not just the highest and most impressive peaks in the Austrian Alps, you’ll also find numerous true ski touring classics of the Eastern Alps, which every ambitious ski mountaineer should have scaled. If names such as Hocharn, Hoher Sonnblick, the Resseck, the Sadnig or the Teuchelspitze are music to your ears, then you’ve come to the right place. Make sure not to miss out on the ski touring classics in the region Obervellach-Reisseck:

Klenitzen 09 - Klaus Dapra
  • Ski tour up to the Häusleralm: 4.4 km, 700 mda, ca. 2 h, MEDIUM
  • Up to the Resseck: 9.9 km, 1,260 mda, ca. 3.5 h, MEDIUM
  • To the Säuleck: 17.7 km, 1,680 mda, ca. 6 h, DIFFICULT
  • Radeckscharte wind gap from the ski area Ankogel: 11.8 km, 300 mda, ca. 1.5 h, MEDIUM
  • Hoher Sonnblick via Mölltal Glacier: 10.5 km, 1,077 mda, ca. 3 h, MEDIUM
  • Saustellscharte wind gap from the ski area Mölltaler: 10.4 km, 240 mda, ca. 2 h, MEDIUM
  • Tour to the Hochgrubenkopf: 11.6 km, 1,160 mda, ca. 3.5 h, MEDIUM
  • Ski tour to the Teuchelspitze: 10.4 km, 1,060 mda, ca. 3 h, MEDIUM
More tours can be found in our ski touring portal

Insiders' freeriding tips at the south side of the Alps

Word gets about more and more, the two ski areas in our region, the Mölltal Glacier and the ski area Ankogel are true freeriding treats.

The combination could not be any better, high alpine terrain, very reliable snow conditions, lots of natural skiing space and very little mass winter tourism. At Ankogel mountain the longest downhill run in Carinthia with more than 1,600 m difference in altitude awaits, while true freeride pros have the downhill run from the Mölltal Glacier down into neighbouring Salzburg’s Sportgastein on their radar.


Don’t miss out on these freeride highlights:

  • Highest point Mölltal Glacier: 3,122 m above sea level.
  • Highest point Ankogel: Upper terminus Hannover Haus 2,636 m above sea level
  • Longest ski slope in Carinthia over 1,600 mda by Ankogel
  • Downhill run: Ebeneckscharte – Böckstein – 7.1 km, 1.100 mda, MEDIUM
  • Departure: Vordere Luge – 3.6 km, 1,000 mda, MEDIUM
  • Downhill run: Baumbachspitze – Sportgastein: 4.7 km, 1,500 mda: EASY TO MEDIUM
  • Downhill run: Schareck – Sportgastein: 4.4 km, 1,500 mda: MEDIUM TO DIFFICULT
More information about freeriding in the ski area Mölltal glacier More information about freeriding in the ski area Ankogel

Can't wait for the next winter season and first snowfall of winter, you too, and want to leave your tracks in the powder snow as fast as possible?

Then you’ve come to the right place in the region Obervellach-Reisseck.

Feel free to contact us, in case you have questions. We are looking forward to welcome you in Obervellach-Reisseck!


Wintersaison leider beendet
Winter season closed

ab 15.03.2020

Werte Partner und Gäste,
aus gegebenem Anlass beenden wir die Wintersaison schneller als geplant.
Die Skigebiete schließen am Sonntag, 15. März, die Beherbergungsbetriebe am Montag, 16. März.

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Dear guests and partners!
Due to the occasion the winter season 2019/2020 finishs earlier than planned.
The lifts will close with Sunday, 15. March 2020 and the accommodation establishments with Monday, 16. March 2020.

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