Health & Well-being

Diet, good food and the unique Schroth therapy

No question, our life is stressful, dominated by deadlines and shaped by a work environment full of pressure to perform. So what better way to use your holidays to feel truly at ease for once and do body and mind some good? Good for you, if you spend your holiday in the region Obervellach-Reisseck, because here health and well-being are the order of the day. The unique Schroth therapy can be found only here.


When everyday life makes you sick

When being overweight, not enough exercise, stress, a poor diet and high blood pressure come together, serious risks to health arise. This unfortunately is affecting way too many people these days. Stressful everyday work, not enough time to cook healthy food and eat well and too little energy for sports and exercise, a combination that can lead to ill health. DETOXIFICATION can be one solution, it will rid your body of bad substances and restore the energy it needs.


The original Schroth therapy

… for health’s sake, since 1826 …

Farmer Johann Schroth was a wise man, in the 18th century he discovered the healing powers of fasting and perfected these in self-therapy to become the unique Schroth therapy. Today we know that an efficient cure always means combining modern medicine with natural healing. In this combination also lies the secret of the original Schroth therapy in Obervellach. Let yourself in for it, you will feel the difference.


Natural healing combined with mainstream medicine

Medical director of the original Schroth therapy in Obervellach is Dr. Rainer Schroth, a direct descendant of inventor Johann Schroth. During your treatment he will accompany you through the process of the Schroth therapy, contributing his extensive knowledge of mainstream medicine. This creates a unique process, which optimally combines the positive effects of both worlds, a combination of passed down knowledge and modern know-how.


The way to a better vitality and well-being.
  • Health-week

  • Burnout-week

  • Back- & joints week

If you are interested in the Schroth therapy, and want to do both body and mind some good, then you should make your way to Obervellach as soon as possible.

For more information, send an inquiry. We are looking forward to hearing from you!