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Get up early, pack your backpack and a snack, lace up those mountain boots and off you go on a hike. The region around Obervellach and Reisseck is a true insider’s tip when it comes to breathtakingly scenic hikes. And best of all: You have the choice and can pick a hike to precisely suit your requirements. Some routes are easy proceeding along the valley floor, others steep and challenging up to peaks topping more than 3,000 m. Just as you wish, you make the programme.

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Sometimes far, sometimes short, just as long as it’s hiking

Clearing your head, breathing fresh air, letting the eyes wander across the scenery, that’s just how we imagine a nice hike. The region around Obervellach and Reisseck is a great starting point for a wide range of scenic and breathtaking hikes. In the south are the peaks of the Kreuzeck Group, while the Reisseck Group borders the region in the north. Carinthia’s longest gorge hike leads through the Rabisch and Groppenstein Gorges, a further Alpine highlight of the region in the heart of the National Park Hohe Tauern.


Up to the highest peaks

Those for whom an easy hike near the valley is not challenging enough will also find what they’re looking for around Obervellach and Reisseck. The National Park Hohe Tauern is full of high mountains, which number among the highest and most demanding in the country. The tour up to Ankogel is technically challenging, even if it has been made easier thanks to the cable car. Speaking of cable cars, with the Kreuzeckbahn funicular you can lay further ground work for great days in the mountains. Thanks to the Kärnten Card, rides uphill are included and you will start your tour high up on the mountain.

With the criteria of fitness, technique, experience and landscape, it’s easy to assess the tours letting everyone find one that suits them perfectly. This way to the region’s touring portal


Long-distance hiking on the Alpe-Adria-Trail

If you are also one of those who can’t stop once you’ve started hiking, then the Alpe-Adria-Trail is just the ticket for you. In 43 stages it leads along 750 km from the glacier of the Pasterze to the Adriatic Sea. The stages 7, 8 and 9 along the trail lead long-distance hikers through the communities of Obervellach and Reisseck – we are located directly by the Alpe-Adria-Trail. “Our” stages will take you through the Rabisch- and Groppenstein gorge, as well as to Falkenstein Castle and the cult site of the Celts and Romans on Danielsberg mountain Don’t miss out!


TOP 10 hikes & mountain tours

  1. Groppenstein- and Rabisch Gorge: 5.5 km, 540 mda., MEDIUM.
    Tip: longest gorge trail in Carinthia
  2. Waterfalls by Bernitzbach stream: 4.5 km, 25 mda., EASY.
    Tip: Waterfalls a natural landmark since 1988
  3. Polnikhütte Ebeneck: 9.4 km, 800 mda., MEDIUM.
    Tip: Dream tour into the Kreuzeck Group
  4. Nature trail Danielsberg: 1.7 km, 222 mda., EASY.
    Tip: oldest cult site in Carinthia
  5. Mühldorfer Alm – Kleiner Salzkofel: 11.6 km, 1,070 mda., MEDIUM.
    Tip: uphill on the Kreuzeckbahn funicular
  6. Hike up to the Stranighütte Lodge: 12.9 km, 804 mda., MEDIUM.
    Tip: from Obervellach into Kaponigtal Valley
  7. Himmelbauer – Lonza – Mallnitz: 15.2 km, 1,221 mda., MEDIUM.
    Tip: popular with locals
  8. Up to Zagutnig Mountain: 14.9 km, 1,548 mda., DIFFICULT.
    Tip: sunny, south-facing scarps
  9. Auernig – Törlkopf: 8.7 km, 1,000 mda., MEDIUM.
    Tip: up to the local mountain of Mallnitz
  10. Ankogel – Mallnitz: 6.4 km, 750 mda., DIFFICULT.
    Tip: Mountain tour with easy climbing
  11. Maresenspitze: 13 km, 1,499 mda., DIFFICULT.
    Tip: long, demanding mountain hike
  12. And what is your favourite hike or mountain tour?

See the hiking map of Obervellach-Reisseck

Whatever you may have in mind, sometimes the trail leads steeply uphill, then flat through the valley again, main thing is you go out hiking like there's no tomorrow.

For detailled information, feel free to contact us or send us your inquiry. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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