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All around Obervellach and Reisseck under your own steam

No traffic jams, no competing vehicles and no looking for parking, the bicycle is undoubtedly one of the best means of transport for enjoying the National Park Region Hohe Tauern to the fullest. And best of all: You have the choice! Either leisurely along a cycle path, far and long all the way to the Adriatic Sea or more sports-minded and with plenty of vistas up to the mountains to cosy alpine huts and true power places.

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“Enjoyable cycling” along the Glockner cycle path

Those looking for a not too challenging cycle path amidst an attractive mountain region, will find what they’re looking for with the Glockner cycle path (R8). As the name suggests, the panorama of the Grossglockner enters the frame when following the R8. The high alpine region around the highest peaks of the country creates a unique scenery for cyclists. The cycle path runs along the Möll, one of the cleanest rivers in Austria, bringing you natural beauty up close.

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“Non-stop cycling” along the Alpe-Adria-cycle path

This may sound wild and more strenuous than it really is. You don’t have to cycle all the way from the city of Salzburg to Grado by the Adriatic Sea, but you certainly can! The Alpe-Adria-cycle path begins in Salzburg and takes ambitious cyclists through Gastein Valley, by train through the Tauern Motorail to Mallnitz and further on straight through Carinthia across the Austrian-Italian border all the way to Grado to the sea. More diverse and scenic cycling is hard to come by. A dream!

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“Uphill cycling” on the mountain bike

Mainly downhill from A to B is not really your thing? You want to scale steep inclines with your mountain bike or e-bike, and then stop off at a rustic alpine hut for a break? Then the region Obervellach-Reieck is your “place to be”. Numerous scenic mountain bike tours lead into the Alpine diversity of the national park region. So jump into the saddle, tackle the steepest inclines, taking the most challenging routes and enjoying regional treats at the inns and huts.

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TOP 10 MTB Tours in the region

  1. Obervellach – Himmelbauer: 7.6 km, 633 mda, MEDIUM. Tip: historic mountain farm
  2. From Obervellach up to the Launsberghütte mountain cabin: 2.8 km, 224 mda., EASY. Tip: romantic hut
  3. Biketour “into the Teuchl”: 10.7 km, 671 mda., MEDIUM. Tip: beautiful tributary valley
  4. Circular tour Wolligger Hut: 12.6 km, 433 mda., MEDIUM. Tip: Ideal e-bike tour
  5. Cycling tour Lake Stappitz, Raineralm snack-stop: 9.6 km, 100 mda., EASY. Tip: divine Seebachtal Valley
  6. Biketour Jamnigalm: 9 km, 460 mda., DIFFICULT. Tip: TOP views and great places to stop off for a break
  7. Kaponig, Stranighütte, Pfaffenberg: 16.8 km, 956 mda., DIFFICULT. Tip: great circular tour
  8. Up to Hattelberg Mountain: 4.6 km, 462 mda., MEDIUM. Tip: on the sunny side of Mölltal Valley
  9. On the bicycle up to Danielsberg Mountain: 1.2 km, 139 mda., EASY. Tip: Herkuleshof Inn
  10. Up to Polinikhütte hut: 10.4 km, 1,208 mda., DIFFICULT. Tip: Queen’s stage of the region
  11. And, what is your favourite tour around Obervellach and Reisseck?


More cycling- & hiking-tours of Obervellach-Reisseck

Do you like jumping into the saddle, cruising along a wonderful river or reaching breathtaking mountain huts by mountain bike?

Then you have come to the right place in the region Obervellach-Reiseck and should come here with your bicycle.

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