Highlights of the Region Obervellach

Too much to discover and experience

Where to begin, the region around Obervellach and Reisseck is too diverse to count all the highlights on one hand. And yet there is a number of attractions or sights which you should not miss, and without the visit to which you should not even think about travelling back home. Here are OUR highlights from the region Obervellach – Reisseck. What are yours?

Hiking trails
above sealevel

Kreuzeckbahn funicular Kolbnitz

The historic funicular is a true highlight of our region. From the lower terminus at 605 m above sea level, the historic train carries visitors up to the upper terminus at more than 1,211 m above sea level. Since 1965, the Kreuzeckbahn funicular has been carrying families, visitors, but also hikers and mountaineers into the mountains, putting the wonderful world of the Kreuzeck Group at their feet. From the upper terminus numerous great hikes and mountain tours into the Kreuzeck Group begin, as well as a scenic circular walk.

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Motorik Park Obervellach

What on earth is a Motivity park? Good question, it’s about skilfulness, balance and coordination. In the Motivity park some 28 stations await at which you can practice your motivity and coordination in the great outdoors. Beautifully presented and featuring natural materials such as wood and bark mulch, the motivity park is accessible all year round at no cost. On request, qualified coaches will show you how best to complete the individual stations.

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Groppensteinschlucht Obervellach_2022_TVB Möllltal © Peter Maier (20)

Longest gorge trail in Carinthia

A link between the townships of Obervellach and Mallnitz, unconventional and not ordinary, not on the surface but cutting deep into the rock, that is Carinthia’s longest gorge trail. The two systems of gorges made up by the Groppenstein- and the Rabisch-Gorge impress with wild drops and fascinating waterfalls. Here you’ll experience the wild waters of the national park region first-hand, before returning to the starting point after hiking through the gorges. Simply brilliant!

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A total of 43 stages and 750 km lead you along wonderful hiking trails from the eternal ice of the Pasterze Glacier all the way to the Adriatic coast. Hiking from the glacier to the sea, is that possible? Of course it is, and this long-distance hiking trail is called the Alpe-Adria-Trail. On its way to the sea, long-distance hikers cross the countries of Austria, Slovenia and Italy, discovering unique landscapes, breathtaking nature and wonderful views. So, there’s no time to lose, lace those hiking boots, strap on your backpack, pack the hiking poles and set off from the ice to the sea.

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Alpe-Adria Cycle Route

In one week from the Salzburg, the city of Mozart to Grado, that sounds like a cycling tour you’ll absolutely have to tick off your touring list. After the start in Salzburg, the tour crosses Salzachtal Valley, before traversing Gastein Valley and the Tauern Motorail ending up in the Nationalpark-Region Hohe Tauern in Carinthia. Take the train to Mallnitz and then cross Carinthia to cycle into maritime Grado via Tarvis, Gemona and Udine after reaching Italy. A dream on two wheels.

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