Wild Waters

Gorges, ravines, waterfalls and more

Follow the journey of water. Our water falls as snow in the high mountains and covers the highest peaks of the country. When in spring the sun becomes stronger and the snow melts, the water is set in motion. Along its path it plunges wild and unstoppable into the valley forming gorges, ravines and waterfalls. When the water becomes calmer, it gently flows out of the valley creating great natural environments for animals, nature lovers and watersports fans from near and far.


Medically at the highest level

Water means life, not just because our body needs it to survive, but also as refreshment for body and mind. A team of researchers from Salzburg University has found out that staying near waterfalls boosts the immune system. Why? The microscopically small water drops penetrate deep into our airways, unfolding their beneficial effects inside our body. Not to mention the natural beauty of a waterfall or a gorge.


Gorges, ravines, waterfalls

Where water lets its power run free and comes upon wild mountains, natural spectacles are usually not far away. On its way into the valley, the water has blazed its trail through the mountains since millions of years. The result is wild gorges, ravines and breathtakingly high waterfalls. Apart from the natural beauty that awaits you here, our gorges and ravines also form playgrounds for canyoning or for breathtaking hikes through ravines.

Die Groppensteinschlucht nimmt gefangen, bei Tag und ebenso bei Nacht. Erleben Sie diese Faszination der Groppensteinschlucht bei der:

Die Illumination der Schlucht hebt sodann besondere Formationen von Felsen und Wänden hervor, Tobel und Wasserfälle, Wurzeln, Bäume, Flechten – Akzente des Lichts. Zugleich ist in der Dunkelheit die Wahrnehmung des Menschen geschärft – intensiver  als am  Tag wird  das Tosen und Brausen,  bisweilen Murmeln des Wassers wahrgenommen. Die wenigen Sterne im Ausschnitt der Schlucht wirken ferner als gewöhnlich.

Programm zur “Zauber der Nacht”


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Watersports & “white water”

When the water gets more space, its speed also drops. The Möll is not only one of the cleanest rivers in Austria, it is also a hub for watersports fans of every stature. In the Whitewater Park Mölltal true whitewater fans will find everything they need, from a kayaking course all the way to breathtaking rapids that present true challenges when rafting. In the Sports-Adventure-Camp Pristavec you’ll find those pros who can show you the secrets of the Möll River or join you on a canyoning tour into gorges and ravines.


Here water lovers strike it rich:

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The power of water has captured your imagination and you want to join the wild waters of the National Park Hohe Tauern on their path for a bit?

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